Fall Semester (August - December)

Semester I

First Entrance and placement Exams- July 8, 2017
Second Entrance and placement Exams- July 29, 2017
Last Entrance and placement Exams- September 23, 2017

Spring Semester (January - May)

Semester II

First Entrance and placement Exams- December 16, 2017
Second Entrance and placement Exams- January 6, 2018

Summer Semester (May-August)

Semester III

First Entrance and placement Exams- April 7, 2018
Second Entrance and placement Exams- April 28, 2018

Exam Periods

Placement Examinations are offered twice per year in Dry Season and again one time in the Raining Season. The exact dates for these periods can be found in the Exam Calendar. During the Day and Raining Seasons exam periods, incoming freshmen take the required math, reading, writing, and math exams at HARCO. Optional exams in general sciences are also available to freshmen. Depending on your scores, you may be required to take development courses before completing your general education requirements in these areas.

Test Day

A picture ID is required when placement testing is given. All students who wish to take a placement for admissions to Harbel College will need to have already applied to the college 24 hours prior to taking the placement exam.


Results are provided to the student two weeks after taking the written test. Keep your assessment results as you may need them during a counseling appointment or as proof that you meet certain graduation requirements. Assessment tests may be taken more than two times in year and not more than three times in any year period. Exam results will be valid for one year, or must be retaken for admissions to the college:

Part I Elementary Algebra: Sample Test(click pdf below to download: Sample Test)


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