Internships, along with cooperative education, field studies, service-learning, and practical, are part of the field of experiential education. Internships require students to apply classroom learning, theories, and experiences to professional settings. Internships or other forms of practical learning for students are part of Harbel College’s academic goals.

Hence, internships are required for all students enrolled in Harbel College Degree Program. The internship program within each school has goals designed to be flexible in a structure where the needs of our students and employers are achieved. In addition, the internship will provide a learning environment where students can experience real work experience and work on tasks and projects relevant to their academic programs and professional interests.


  1. While many goals are specific to each internship program or course, the list below is of intended benefits or goals for students that are most commonly found:
  2. Engaging the intern in the discipline or major
  3. Causing interaction with a variety of individuals, systems, and organizations
  4. Improving self confidence
  5. Using a variety of learning styles and frequently challenging participants to use new ways of learning and thinking
  6. Improving skills in research, communication in groups, interpersonal communication, and observation
  7. Improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  8. Personalizing learning, giving it relevance and meaning
  9. Putting learning into context to improve understanding and retention of concepts
  10. Providing networking and mentoring opportunities
  11. Condistioning the participant to adapt to change
  12. Frequently challenging attitudes and beliefs, which often change
  13. Helping a participant grow emotionally and learn from failure and success
  14. Helping an intern become a more motivated life-long learner

Required Internship Experience:

All students are required to complete an internship before graduations including administrative experience depending on the area of studies. The purpose of these internship experiences is to:

  1. Become familiar with the roles and responsibilities associated with the day-to-day work of the professions.
  2. Become involved in various activities and administrative projects at the internship site that achieves the specified goals of the learning contract.
  3. Implement, complete, and report on a project(s) as specified in the learning contract.

Additionally, it is expected that the student will be involved in progressive learning and will experience more complex and demanding activities in each successive internship. Usually, the second internship experience takes place at a different agency or unit/program in the same agency.

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