LIHEDE Appoints Dr. Mason as Director of Education and Culture


LIHEDE Appoints Dr. Mason as Director of Education and Culture

(Apr 16, 2010) By: Press Release


Dr. Mason
Dr. Melvin Mason


Greensboro, North Carolina; 4/18/2010: Dr. Melvin Justinian Mason has joined the staff of the Liberian Education, History and Development, Inc. (LIHEDE) as Director of Education and Culture.  Dr. Mason, President Emeritus of Cuttington University College (1988-2003) is no stranger to Liberian education. He served as Vice President for Academic Affairs of Cuttington University College (1961-1971), Director of World Bank Education Project, Ministry of Education (1972-1978) and spearheaded the construction of multilateral high schools in Zwedru, Voinjama, Harbel, as well as technical high schools in Greenville, Sanniquellie, and Robertsport, and primary schools across Liberia.

In his letter of appointment, the Executive Director of LIHEDE, Dr. Syrulwa Somah, welcomed Dr. Mason to the LIHEDE family and described him as an asset to the mission of LIHEDE, as the organization embarks on National History Project 2010, LIHEDE Public Library, and full brown Liberian Studies from elementary to PhD in Liberian schools.  

In his response for his preferment, Dr. Mason expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of LIHEDE for his appointment as Director of Education and Culture Affairs, saying, “I humbly accept this appointment with gratitude and as a challenge for the growth and development of LIHEDE.” I wish to express my strong confidence in the leadership of LIHEDE and its accomplishments, and look forward to being a contributor to what will be a monumental achievement –THE REWRITTEN HISTORY OF LIBERIA-----for the younger generation.  With the sound leadership we have, the large number of educated and committed Liberians, the volumes of research, modern technology and communication, we are bound to succeed.  I am very pleased to be a part of this historic endeavor, and you can count on my commitment and dedication,” he concluded his remarks.

The LIHEDE boss, Dr. Somah, quipped that Dr. Mason's involvement with the organization could not have come at a better time when LIHEDE needs all the valuable human resources to devise and implement NHP2010 for Liberians in order to discover ourselves through history. "We must pay   careful attention to our oral histories, legends, linguistic links, documents, spirituality, cultures, words, voices, groves, buildings, oracles, and sacred places of the past because these oral histories and legends are bound to be the life blood of peace and stability in Liberia, " Dr. Somah observed.

As Director of Education and Culture, Dr. Mason is charged with the responsibility of managing all educational and cultural projects of LIHEDE, including assembling team of capable men and women, engaging our nation higher institutions of learning to offer BS to PhD in Liberia Studies. He will lead all discussions between the authorities of the Universities and LIHEDE, especially Cuttington University to upgrade its Africana/Liberian Studies to a doctoral level.

It should be recalled that the idea of creating a national Liberian studies curriculum in Liberia to educate Liberians about themselves and their history, culture, and traditions was first advanced by LIHEDE in 2004.  LIHEDE and the A.M.E University and A.M.E Zion University in Monrovia, Liberia signed a MOU in 2006 with each party obligated to promote the teaching of Liberian culture and traditions at the college level by the offering of a bachelor’s degree program in Liberian Studies. In a similar effort during the 2008-2009 academic year, Cuttington University launched a new Africa-centered program— the Africana & Liberian Studies Program which is headed by former LIHEDE’s Director of Education and Culture/Liberian Studies Project, Dr. Adetokunbo Borishade.


Sam Togba Slewion

Director of Publications& Public Relations-LIHEDE



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