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Our Mission


First, let me thank the God of my forefathers and foremothers whose foot prints in which we walk for the foundation they mapped out for me that bestowed on me the executive directorship of so that I can leave foot print for proceeding generation. I also want to thank God very much for you too for visiting with us to learn about , which goal is forming a sustainable geo-political entity or a nation of Liberia by preserving its history. It is my wish to share with you few visions I have for , which clearly indicate that each of us as son and daughter or friend of Liberia can help the Liberian nation and its people. As Liberian, or as descendants and friends of Liberia , we have come this far by faith in the Almighty God of our parentage, the Creator of creation. We have the choice to choose to treat our nation history with the highest human honor, or we can choose to let those who do not know who we are define us, give us name, government, culture, peace plan, education, spirituality that contradict our very essence. Such a proposition can only do for us is keep wrapping up in the “receivership end” or “step-child position”, so cherished by our nation-- carrying overload deadweight of self-destruction. And the choice is entirely ours as to how we decide to define our identity in the lyceum of world or how we decide to emancipate ourselves. But we must always remember that if we continue to “cook ourselves in a cup”, no one will care to look for spoon to dish us. But with our collective efforts, we cannot only be like unstoppable tropical waterfall destines to wash whatever fall in our patriotic current, would have fallen in love with our nationalism as a tapestry of people instilled with self-knowledge of defined bloodlines, bound by land, language and common values. But whatever the case, my administration wants to bring to the forth front that we stand to earn or lose the rest of the world's respect depending on how we interact with each other and treat each other, our history, education, culture, spirituality and environment.

As I lead this quality driven organization, I am driven by my belief in choosing to stand up and write about Liberian authentic and inclusive history when others choose to rewrite, accept and remain silent on how others defined us. During my service to this organization, I will continue to remain my fellow Liberians that our academic credentials, training, experience regardless of the institution, become meaningless until we become the liberators of our nation, voice for the voiceless, the keeper of our brothers and sisters and the fortress of our nation. Like biblical Banabas, I intend to keep shouting, shouting and shouting until Liberians become more patriotic and engaged in national development and ethnic pride if and more clearly grasp the most important historical, educational and developmental issues that impact their lives through teaching our alternative history and identity as nation.

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Our Philosophy


Since the beginning of time, wise men have never stopped attempting to caution that the creation of independent, productive, and loyal citizens from generation to generation is not a collision, but the benchmarks to industrialization. Nations that rose to prominence once reached down in the bosom of their unforgotten history and breathed into their nostrils the breath of patriotism and nationalism whose pricked cognizance gravitated to a clarion for nation-wide responsibility. For we all stand to lose everything for no societal peace and happiness is possible until all Liberians realize    that we are the life-blood of each other and our humanity; that each of our existence is inextricably interdependent.

A nation endowed with natural resources, fame, beauty and wealth, must also have the wisdom of a defined national and international identity, and a definitive vision of its destiny.   believes that all Liberians, while depicting a mosaic of rich culture, are one people with a common destiny.  believes that the welfare of one Liberian is the welfare of all Liberians. 's cause is the “ Liberian people's cause” devoid of pit bull approach in order to achieve consensus. believes that the development and advancement of Liberia must be the sole and obsessive responsibility of all Liberians. believes that Liberians can no longer afford to be spectators in the development of their country.   believes that its operations and deliberations in achieving the Liberian agenda for development must be carried out in an atmosphere of integrity, accountability, cordiality, camaraderie, and respect of persons.  believes that tangible results and accomplishments must take precedence over rhetoric and litany of complaints. is intolerant to behavior, actions and activities that are divisive, obstructive and counterproductive to the development of Liberia and its people. believes in the power of kindness, apology, and forgiveness.  

believes in assembling our nation's best and not being afraid of our own best. believes in Liberian issues that cross ethnic lines such as agricultural development (Liberian farms) of rice, cassava, plantain-banana, coconut, fishery, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, eddoes, lime, potatoes, and okra for self-sufficiency. believes in a nation-wide and broad based educational system that provides for access to elementary, high school, technical and college education in all subdivisions of the country as a cornerstone to the economic development of Liberia . believes that all Liberians must be educated for only by such will they donate to their own national development. believes in the promotion of our culture, Liberian Studies, youth development through sports such as soccer, boxing, cycling, track and field, basketball and an annual competition to showcase the God given talent of Liberians to the rest of the world. believes in the wholesome development of all of the people of Liberia irrespective of ethnic origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation. believes the control and possible eradication of communicable and infectious diseases that retard the socio-economic development of Liberia and compromise the well being, productivity and longevity of the Liberian people; for only healthy people can build a democracy. believes in the accessibility of all parts of Liberia through a network of roads and the strategic management of the natural resources of the country for the net benefit of the Liberian people.   believes that the Liberian focus should be on the geopolitical dynamic of the world and how to bring the Liberian people in line with world current events. believes that the best of all worlds can be built in Liberia by Liberians through cooperation, love, respect, nationalism, and patriotism.

believes that Liberians must be willing to share with their fellow Liberians, friends, and relatives what they have learned. believes that all Liberians are special pioneers who must go throughout the world, climb hills never climbed before; embrace all civilizations to find the best deals and solutions that are not in variance to develop Liberia .   believes that for throughout our 158 year history, Liberia has not developed to the level that is desirable and that it could because:

    Lack of knowledge and appreciation of our rich un-biasedly portrayed history

    We have not forged a national paradigm for development---inclusionary

    Our patriotism has been more parochial than embarking upon a path toward
decision making processes of government.

    We have not reached out to each other and found the best among us to lead
the efforts of nation building 

    We have been restrictive in our bilateral cooperations which have not always
been in the best interest of Liberia

    We have not put a premium on unity and brotherhood/sisterhood

   now challenges all Liberians to be foot soldiers of Liberia ; bring your hands and with ours and let us put them in the calabash of consciousness to fight for the future of all Liberians.  believes that no more must Liberians allow the rich diversity of their minor differences to be exploited which will only causes to crumble back to the despicable abyss of destruction which we recently experienced.  We must remember to rise above meaningless spat with wisdom and gentleness---the first law of character excellence and spine of impeccable reputation. These things all Liberian people must do using soft words and love so that our fellow men, women and children may hold live perpetual peace.  May our handiwork make our ancestors proud in the heavens to draw their approval to say well done!  Let our words that go forth on behalf of be living history and powerful as daybreak so a mighty Liberian people shall raise to nobler destiny.

My message to the members and officials of and fellow Liberian and non-Liberians is simple. I believe that self- knowledge will encourage all Liberians to develop a greater interest and unflinching commitments in public service, civilities, peace, unity, justice, good governance, self-respect, human rights and to participate in public dialogue in a more confident, intelligent, and purposeful way.

My agenda for is deliberately focused on what I believe are the most pressing issues facing our nation. It is not a comprehensive list of all of the challenges that members will work on over course of my administration. However, in order to achieve our agenda, we believe that we must narrow our focus and find practical solutions to these things that divided us. I must admit that it is a pity that many of Liberians and friend of Liberians us know little or nothing about the language, customs, and traditions of the ethnic group to which we were born. And it doesn't matter if you were born in the United States , Germany , Liberia , Ghana , Nigeria , Sierra Leone , Great Britain , or other countries in this world. Once a Liberian, you will always be a Liberian whether you like it or not. Neither you nor your parents asked to be born Liberian group, so you have got nothing to be ashamed of. I want to position help our nation regain value lost and the educational system of Liberia where the Gio (Dan) learn about the Krahn (Wee); Bassa learn know Kpelle; Gola learn about Grebo; Loma about the Kru (Kaola) or all Liberian learn about each other as well as the Europeans learning about us; African-American learning about us; our cultural and gain this knowledge by offering them a method for cultural, social, spiritual and political analysis that will enable them to more clearly understand and discuss a broad spectrum of social, economic, educational, political and national development topics, some of which include concept of political parties, leadership styles, candidates, public policies, social movements, and politically relevant news and commentary about our nation.


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