Liberian Historical Review

LIHEDE is pleased to launch its groundbreaking Historical Review, a public-interest educational, research and publishing center dedicated to promoting greater public awareness of Liberian History. LHR will utilize a body of academics, professors, teachers, students, historians, curators and others’ expertise to research and write about vital issue topics including Liberian cultural history, colonial Liberia, gender, sexuality, historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, the dissemination of historical research and findings across thematic, chronological, regional, and methodological specializations.

The LHR will target all periods and facets of Liberian history and those with a professional interest in Liberian History. LHR will deepen its commitment to diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives in the social sciences and humanities by focusing on provocative themes and new theoretical and methodological approaches and publish its research papers and book reviews, among other items. LHR will review articles and review essays and books and its publication with subscribers, mostly university and college libraries and historical organizations.

We will compile the list of Liberians who have shown good analytic skills over the years and will be invited to submit analyzed topic, original contributions. The aim will be to have an established repository of items across all walks of life affecting Liberia and its relation with other countries in the world.

LHR will project Liberia economic, social, political, educational, health, arts & craft, diplomacy, dependency, independency, poverty, etc for 20, 30, 40, 50 yrs.

LHR/LIHEDE will from time to time commission report and invited commentaries on topics not directly addressed and compiled them to the public.


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