Academic Support

We have a network of services, facilities and experts to make your college experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. Students are encouraged to visit faculty and TAs during office hours, to attend problem sessions, and to access other departmental resources for learning, whether or not they are experiencing academic difficulty.

Support for introductory science and math courses is available through Tutoring and the Math Resource Center. Group tutoring is available for many introductory STEM courses, as well as courses in English and statistics.

Students needing help with writing and English language learning will find robust support in our Writing Center, which offers one-on-one conferences as well as workshops on writing and communicating in English. Individual support is available for all students at HARCO.


We're here to help you achieve and succeed.

Your studies are meant to challenge you, so we offer both academic and personal support programs to help you get the most out of your time here.


If you're falling behind, we can help you get back on track.

We care about your welfare and academic progress. We try to spot any struggles you may be having early on, and there are several ways we can help you to catch up.


If you have a serious illness, injury or circumstances arise that affect your ability to complete or submit an assignment, you may have grounds to apply for special consideration.


Build connections with fellow students and industry leaders. Whether you’re looking for a study partner or stepping-stone into your chosen career, we offer a range of mentoring opportunities at all levels of our student community.

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