Election in Liberia have been associated with violence, disputes, court injunctions and civil wars. Liberia higher institutions of learning have not passive member of the political space because they have been used as political mischieft rather than where new generations of academics are trained. Therefore, it is imperative that the upcoming presidential elections compelled academia to develop a roadmap for peaceful elections.

Building on this agenda, Harbel College Conference on 2017 National Election, seeks to unearth answers concerning the role acedemia could play to ensure free and fair elections in liberia, Africa and beyond. The confernece is themed, ePeaceful 2017 ELECTIONS: THE ROLE OF HIGHER INSTITUTIONS OF LEARNING. The conference will deliberate on issues regarding theories, frameworks, and empirical vidence on the conditions and tools for effective deployment of academia in elections.

The Conference welcomes submission on but not limited to the following thematic areas:

  1. Elections and the Media
  2. Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building
  3. Election and REconciliation
  4. Election Violence and National Development
  5. Role of Governance in Peaceful Elections
  6. Political Communication and Peaceful Elections
  7. Politics and Environmental Priorties
  8. ICT in Elections
  9. Peaceful Elections and Enterpreneurship
  10. Institutional Responsibilities in Peaceful Elections
  11. Role of NGOs and CSOs in Peaceful Elections
  12. The Price of Peaceful Elections
  13. Voters Apathy
  14. Elections Gossips
  15. Elections in Liberia: Lessons from the past
  16. Higher Institutions of Learning and Educations Transport of Ballots Boxes
  17. Elections and the Polling Station

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