Message From the President

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Harbel College, a unique and vibrant community of scholarship and commitment. Harbel College’s faculty members are recognized experts in their areas of scholarship with extensive real world experience. Many are world renowned; many are engaged in research a new paradigm of preserving and enhancing traditional legacy of Liberia's historical past and moving into an even greater future by focusing on the past for the present, as well as for the challenge of progressive future in our understanding of a niche-oriented higher education with relevant-based curricula to serve the local and national need of our community.

All enjoy fostering the academic success of their students. Through this unique combination of distinguished faculty and curriculum of relevance, we endeavor to prepare you to become ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community.

In other words, Harbel is the embodiment of a new concept: educating for Liberia where it lacks capacities is our mission, meaning the College doesn’t offer degrees in areas where other higher institutions in Liberia are granting degrees.

Our undergraduate students come from all ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the broad diversity of Harbel City and the world beyond. The students and the staff include different races, ethnic groups, ages, nationalities, religions and career interests. We celebrate the energy and commitment of our student body and our core values of civility, ethnical leadership, social responsibility, innovation, professionalism, and learning.

As a medium-sized institution in Sub-Saharan Africa’s oldest republic, the College concentrates on specializations where conventional research and education had ignored. In this bulletin, you will learn about some of the majors never offered in any of the higher institutions of learning in Liberia. Some are directly related to learning about ourselves or who we are as Liberians. Others concentrate in science and technology. All these challenging programs meet the highest academic and professional standards and will prepare you for a wide range of careers including climate change studies, mechanical and renewable engineering, occupational safety & health, agricultural & applied economics (to feed ourselves) or Liberian Studies, and much more
In such, it offers limited programs but provides each student with an understanding of humankind's place in the macrocosm, with a sense of tradition, with a set of historical values and scruples, with a commitment to environmental protection, spiritual and ancestral ordinance. Harbel College provides the foundation of morality, with reverence for dignity, with adoration of human creativity, and with a systematic and inquiring heed.

I thank you for your interest in Harbel College and hope to see you on our campus.

Syrulwa Somah, PhD
Professor & President